WORCS Off Road Racing: Rounds 3 & 4 at Lake Havasu, AZ

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Three weeks ago I published an article about Tyler McDermott, our sponsored racer, taking 1st place in the WORCS Racing Series (https://massfxtires.com/news/tyler-mcdermott-takes-1st-place-massfx). This past weekend Tyler raced hard and did a great job; however, he fell just short of the podium and took 5th place on Saturday and 4th place on Sunday. I was able to talk a little to Tyler after the races and find out a little about the course. As you can tell from the cover image for this article, this track had a lot of tight corners and hairpin turns. He also told me that the track had a lot of rocks, sandy soil and holes, big holes. Once again, Tyler had nothing but praise for the tires. In fact, he's been running the same set this entire season. That's over 100 race miles on the same set without a puncture, leak or blowout! 

Here is a great shot showing how well the tires have held up. Give them a good bath and they would look almost brand new!


We can't say enough good things about Tyler and how well he has represented our brand these past couple months. We know that when he compliments are tires, he means it. He's not the type blow hot air and sugarcoats the truth. If our tires were subpar, he would let us know. We are very fortunate to sponsor such a great young rider!

Enjoy some of these great action shots of his last race.

This course was full of small and large loose rock. Terrain like this typically destroys tires. Tyler did say that many of the competitors had problems tire punctures.

 This may not look like that much air, but for a vehicle that large this is impressive!

 Talk about a beautiful view. Here along Lake Havasu is where the sandier terrain was more dominant. 

Tyler is seen here edging out a competitor in a RZR on a jump.



I'll make sure and keep you all updated on his races throughout the season. I have a feeling he's going to have more podium finishes this year! 

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