Authorized Retailer

MASSFX Authorized retailers are tried and true. We trust them with our products, so you can too. They are the only retailers on the market where consumers can find authentic MASSFX products.

High quality, higher standards.

We pride ourselves knowing that our products are being marketed through such high quality retailers everyday.

The quality and standards of our authorized retailers are unparalleled among others. We require our authorized retailers to maintain high standards and follow strict codes and guidelines. We do this, so we know the consumer gets the product and satisfaction they deserve.

Customer service is another department of our authorized retailers that is available to help satisfy the consumer. Just like in their receiving, processing, and shipping, our authorized retailers are held to high standards when it comes to customer service. Their hassle-free customer service helps make sure that the consumer gets out there and starts "Doing Fun Right."



Be aware of unauthorized retailers to avoid scams and any lesser quality products. Our authorized retailers are the only retailers where authentic MASSFX products can be purchased. To securely reach one of our authorized retailers, please use one of the links provided.