About Us

My name is Shane Smith and I am one of the owners of MASSFX Tires. I’m a southern California guy by birth and transplanted into Southwest Missouri in 2002 when my family decided to leave the coast and head into the Midwest.

This move worked great with my love of the outdoors. You will find me riding my ATV’s or overlanding in my Jeep almost every weekend. When I’m not riding outdoors you will more than likely find me at the race track where nothing matches the adrenaline rush of a fast car. Stay tuned, you may see me on Street Outlaws soon.

All in all, I’m a junkie for anything that has wheels whether 2, 3 or 4. I’m all for the adventure whether in business or in life. I enjoy pushing the limits in my life as well as with our product. It is our desire to deliver to each of our customers an experience they won’t soon forget. Our motto here at MASSFX is “Doing fun right”. Doesn’t get much better than that!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ― Shane Smith



My Name is David Pevahouse and I am one of the owners of MASSFX Tires. I am the proud husband of Daphne who has been by my side for 22 years and two wonderful children; David and Laurel. My venture into the entrepreneurship world was born of out the need to get my children through college. I was already working fulltime but my regular job wasn't enough to build a college fund. 

My former job experience in the warehousing industry has fit great into what we do here at MASSFX. We manufacture in our own contracted facilities and then ship direct to the consumers from our warehouse which in turn offers the best overall value in the market today. Our continuous goal is to make sure we are offering the best possible value that we can in order to keep our customers coming back. 

If you follow our Facebook page, you will see my personal RZR wrapped in the MASSFX logo. Nothing better than getting away for a little trail time. As with my partners, I too love getting outdoors and moving fast. Let's face it, I'm a guy and I like what guys like; fast cars and toys with tires!



My name is Wes Ogden and I am one of the owners here at MASSFX Tires. Being that I am from Southwest Missouri I have always been an outdoor enthusiast. Since a very young age, my father taught me how to appreciate the outdoors by introducing me to hunting, camping, and fishing. I would consider my lifestyle to be very active and quite honestly there is nothing better than being out in God’s great creation.

For the past 15 years, I have led a group of men to the Colorado mountains for an adventure. This activity was born out of my love for God and his desire for men to live life to its fullest. Each year I am amazed at how many men haven’t been camping or haven’t taken their sons on a camping trip.

During this trip each year we take two days to do nothing but go four wheeling. If you haven’t experienced mountain riding you are surely missing something truly great. We have had our ATV’s as high as 13,800 feet. Let me tell you this, there is no greater view than on top of a mountain. You can see for miles.

When you consider buying MASSFX tires remember this, the owners of this company are not just manufacturers. They are true enthusiasts that ride often and far. Relax and purchase one of the best tires on the market. It’s the brand on each one of my units.