MASSFX SL221110 4 PLY Golf Cart Tire 22x11-10 Single Tire

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Tired of your tires letting you down on the back nine? If so, check out the new SL line of golf cart tires from MASSFX.

These tires were built to handle any course from your local municipal golf course all the way to Augusta National.

Not only that, these tires also provide excellent traction on the cart path, fairway and rough (which we all probably spend too much time there).

Whether you’re looking for stock replacement tires or big tires to throw on a lifted cart, we have you covered with sizes ranging between 18” and 22”.

These 22" tires feature a more aggressive looking tread pattern that will really improve the looks of your golf cart.

These tires aren’t just pretty, they’re tough. With a 4 PLY toughness rating, you don’t have to worry about a stray tee puncturing your tire.

We’re not saying these tires will lower your handicap, but we’re not going to say they won’t either.

So, the next time you’re at the links, make sure you’re “Doing Fun Right” with MASSFX!

The SL golf cart tire comes with a strong, yet easy riding 4 PLY toughness rating. Tread pattern provides excellent traction and control. Available in sizes from 18" to 22".
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Ply Rating: 
4 Ply
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Tread Depth: 
5 mm.
Rim Height: 
1026 LBS
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