MASSFX Premium Flat Preventer Tire Sealant Made in USA (32 oz)

Tire Sealant 32 oz Bottle
Tire Sealant 32 oz Bottle
32 oz Tire Sealant Bottleo
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Prevents certain tire ailments such as flats, slow air leaks, and bead leaks.

Used for both tubeless and tube tires.

Shortens tire downtime.

Protects for the entirety of tires lifespan.

Simple and easy application process.

Permanently seals 1/4" punctures in tires tread area.

Assists in maintaining air pressure.

MASSFX Tire sealant is a heavy duty sealant that permanently seals leaks and prevents flats from occurring; saving you both time and money! Manufactured and sold in the USA. Using MASSFX tire sealant also does not void tire warranties so use without any risk. Use on any air-filled tire from industrial equipment to Golf Cart tires. Using this sealant also extends the life of tires and is effective for the entirety of the tire's life. One time only application process. Just pump your tire to the recommended amount and ride on without the fear of a bad time due to a flat or puncture. Used as both a preventative and an after the fact. Just remove the debris from the puncture, fill her up, and ride on.

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