Youth Polaris Ranger 150

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Polaris has done it again. They recently released the Ranger 150 EFI, a breakthrough for youth riders and parents. This vehicle offers several safety Youth Ride Command® features that are sure to please parents. So let's dive and see at what all this SXS has to offer!


Even though it only has a 150cc engine, this vehicle has plenty of power for the young ones that will be behind the wheel. The bed offers a 50 lb capacity, enough to haul a couple of bags of feed around the farm. With 8 inches of ground clearance, this Ranger can conquer almost any obstacle that will come in its way. On top of that, this Ranger can grow as they grow. With adjustable seats and steering wheel, you don't have to worry about your kids outgrowing this vehicle in a year or two. The only downside is the fact that it's only 2WD. Other than that, it's a very impressive entry-level UTV!

This Ranger is perfect for the kids to get out and help around the farm.

Now the whole family can get out and ride together!


 The Youth Ride Command®, the parents can remain in control of what their kids can and cannot do behind the wheel with a simple app. One feature of YRC® is Geofencing. With this the parents can set boundaries for their kids to stay within while riding. Another helpful feature is digital speed limiting. This gives parents the power to set maximum speed limits on the Ranger while your kids are riding. On top of that, parents can control when the vehicle is in operation and who is operating it. When the passcode protection is activated, a passcode must be entered before the engine will start. With all of this, the parents can rest a little easier knowing that their kickstarting how they want them to be.

All of the Ride Command App settings can be seen on the digital dash display as well.


Check out this cool video on the new Ranger 150!

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So if you love to ride and want to get your kids to start, Doing Fun Right give this vehicle some thought!