Argo Xplorer ATV

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For the past half century, Argo has been the leader in producing XTVs (Extreme Terrain Vehicle). In fact, until now, XTVs are all they have produced. Now for Argo's 50th Anniversary celebration, they've released their own line of ATVs. 

XR 500 LE

The Argo Xplorer is offered in two different classes, the XR and XRT. The XR line has three different models, all with a 39 HP 500cc EFI engine. It's CVT transmission offers incredibly smooth shifting across all terrains. Along with the smooth transmission, its independent rear suspension (IRS) makes even the roughest trail ride nice and smooth. If you want to upgrade, the XR 500 EPS and XR 500 LE both have electronic power steering (EPS). On top of that, the LE model has a little more flair with the 14" black aluminum wheels rather than the 12" steel wheels.

XRT1000 LE

The XRT is Argo's option for those that like to haul a passenger when they're tearing up the trails, hence the "T" for two. The XRT  has a longer wheelbase which allows it to carry two adult riders safely. Just like the XR, the XRT has models with EPS. The XRT does have a few more perks over the XR as well, 500 to be exact. If you want raw power, the XRT 1000 LE delivers it. The 83 HP V-twin engine paired with Tri-mode EPS, active desscent control and selectable unlocking rear differential makes this ATV one to keep your eye on. Argo is calling out the big boys, Polaris and Can-Am, with the new XRT 1000 LE.